IMEMS provides the following specialist services:

Approvals, Compliance & Auditing

  • Planning and environmental approvals (State & Federal).
  • Impact assessments.
  • Environmental Evaluations.
  • Transitional Environmental Programs.
  • Auditing, gap analysis and due diligence investigations.
  • Development, implementation and assessment of Environmental Management Programs and Systems (ISO 14001).

Soil & Water

  • Contaminated land investigations, risk assessment, remediation, validation and reporting works including Site Management Plans and Remediation Action Plans.
  • Model for Effluent Disposal using Land Irrigation (MEDLI) assessment and reporting.
  • Acid Sulphate Soil investigations and management plans.
  • Land rehabilitation works.
  • Erosion and Sediment Control advice.
  • Wastewater treatment process review and advice.
  • Groundwater well installation and monitoring.
  • Surface water monitoring.
  • Community and industrial integrated catchment management process facilitation.

Flora & Fauna

  • Native vegetation assessment and establishment of offsets.
  • Ecological assessment.
  • Spotter Catcher services.
  • Fauna surveys.
  • Revegetation works.


  • Process improvement and waste minimisation studies.
  • Liquid and solid waste treatment including contaminant immobilisation works.
  • Waste classification and advice.

Specialist Advice & Assistance

  • Land use planning.
  • Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and cleaner production strategy development.
  • Environmental, food, beverage and wastewater microbiology.
  • Liaison and negotiation between industry, government and community stakeholders.
  • GIS & CAD.
  • Major project Fatal Flaw assessments.
  • Specialised contract assessment with respect to land use and environmental approval requirements.
  • Development and delivery of training programs.
  • Technical peer-review of reports and publications.