Senior Environmental Advisor

Expert in LCA, EIA, Eco-Efficiency

Robert (Bob) Pagan trained as an undergraduate in chemistry at University College in London and subsequently worked as a teacher of science. He also gained some overseas English teaching experience in Japan and Brazil.

Bob went on to obtain a Masters Degree in Biotechnology from the University of New South Wales in Australia and worked for many years in the biotechnology industry, including ten years with a small, innovative membrane research and development company, Syrinx Research Pty Ltd. During this time, Bob gained considerable experience in the areas of fermentation science, membrane science, staff supervision, workshop management and laboratory analysis. In particular, Bob developed expertise in ethanol fermentation to produce fuel ethanol, and the application of membrane technology to waste treatment and resource recovery.

Since 1993, Bob has been working at The University of Queensland, where he has been extensively involved in providing consulting services to industry on matters related to environmental management; in particular Cleaner Production. Projects managed by Bob have included: Cleaner Production and Eco-efficiency assessments for individual manufacturing companies; sector-wide Cleaner Production reviews for the food, meat, dairy, foundry and metal finishing industries; feasibility assessments of ‘cleaner technologies’ and cost-benefit analyses of waste management opportunities.

Bob has taught a number of undergraduate and postgraduate courses at the University on topics such as Cleaner Production, sustainability and environmental impact assessment, and supervised many student research projects. He also prepared and delivered Cleaner Production training courses for industry and professional development.

In 1995, he established a Working Group for Cleaner Production in the Food Industry, based at the university, which employs a number of researchers. The group’s aim is to promote the adoption of Cleaner Production and to act as a clearing house for information related to Cleaner Production, environmental management and sustainability in the agri-food sector and others.

Robert works on a project-by-project basis with IMEMS when his specific skills are required. His project expertise includes: Cleaner Production assessments; Waste assessments, Environmental assessments; Project and staff management; Wastewater management and assessment; Life Cycle Assessment; Environmental management; Environmental Technology assessment.